Eastern Missouri Bible College -  & Eastern Missouri Graduate School
Life Experience Credit
Many people have worked in various jobs and have served in a lot of different ministry positions.These people have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in their fields. However, they do not have any formal certificates, diplomas, or degrees. Life experience credits can accelerate the process of earning a degree.
Applicants must have had more than five years in a recognized position or ministry.
No degrees can be awarded based on life-experience alone. Life experience credit cannot be given for an entire degree but is limited to a maximum of 30 credit hours.
Life experience could include such things as  books authored, missions trips, classes taught, outreach ministries, ministries within a church, sunday school teaching, mission leader, deaconship, pastoral duties,
church administration, chaplain duties, music ministry, Non-accredited religious classes, vocational training, military training, clothing or food bank ministry, nursing home ministry.
We also accept credits from other bible colleges, training institutes, and secular colleges. All of your credits can be brought together and
evaluated toward the completion of your degree. However, at least 30 credits must be completed with Eastern Missouri Bible College.
All must be documented along with the years they occurred and submitted for evaluation by email to